The company

The company

What once started as a vision, has become an organization that operates in 36 countries, in five continents. Based on a team with over 25 years experience as a gas spring manufacturer, TECAPRES® now has the capacity and the ideal profile to respond to the global needs of those organizations that decide to trust us.

Our trajectory through gas-spring design has enabled us to continually evolve in terms of quality, with special attention being paid to the safety that our products offer.

We work with you, our customers, in the development of both products and services as we consider gas spring maintenance and repair as a considerable contribution. The TECAPRES® brand represents the highest standards of quality, reliability and service.

The presence of TECAPRES® in the market with a wide-ranging distribution network working in close and direct collaboration with xx guarantees optimal results for our customers. The presence of TECAPRES® entails comprehensive service and a large supply capacity. The logistics centre located at the main plant, as well as international stores and our representatives in each zone make it possible for us to distribute our products in a quick and absolutely reliable manner.

TECAPRES® ’s know-how is always available for the end user. This is possible both thanks to TECAPRES® commercial and technical advisors, to its specialized distributors and to its comprehensive gas spring catalogue. Their objectives are to solve specific customer needs and increase customer satisfaction by means of skilled and personalized advice.

Everything we do has a single goal: to ensure that the choice of TECAPRES® gas springs the best value for your company and the right decision.

In this presentation we wish to thank you for your interest and invite you to come and visit us, as that would be a great opportunity for us to prove what we are saying.